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Principle 8:

Create clear and intuitive wayfinding throughout the district that is inclusive for all users.

Example actions:

Commission and deliver a district-wide strategy that incorporates clear signage at eye level and Wi-Fi for route-finding apps as an essential means of wayfinding for visitors and those less familiar with the district.

Increase legibility for local residential and working populations through streetscape interventions that increase intuitive wayfinding by creating distinct points of reference, such as clear sightlines to recognisable buildings, landmarks and public art.

Ensure all methods of wayfinding are accessible to the district's diverse demographic, which includes children, those with visual and hearing impairment, and those for whom English is not a first language, through innovative use of symbols, colour, textures, and multiple languages for international visitors Locate the district in the wider context of the West End and London at the origin of passengers journeys such as airports and major train stations.